Nurture Integrative Health Clinic
Nurture Integrative Health Clinic
Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer.
I’m the founder and medical director of Nurture Integrative Health Clinic. More importantly, I am a naturopathic doctor, bodyworker, and intuitive counselor dedicated to helping you heal your health issues on all levels.

The integrative care with our team focuses on treating the whole you, not just your symptoms or diagnosis. We’ll work to find the root causes of your symptoms and partner with you to heal your body, mind and spirit. Want to work with completely natural substances? You got it. Need some medication or bioidentical hormones to nourish your wellbeing? Let’s use what works to get you feeling amazing.

Ready to begin the journey? Let’s get started!

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Virtual / Online

Want expert guidance for resolving your health issues, with the ease of a video call? We’ve got a customized solution to reclaim your body ease and mental wellness.

Sound good? Let’s connect online!


Medical Visits

We provide medical care in Oregon in Washington, though in-person and telemedicine visits.

Let’s meet to get to the bottom of your health woes that won’t budge.

Healing Retreats

Join us in Belize!

Ready to dive into a once-in-a-lifetime experience to heal your spirit and watch your health issues melt away? Our exclusive Soul Ambrosia experience manifests what’s next in your life.

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